Are you training for something?

Somehow adding an element of competition greatly increases people’s desire to exercise, even if that competition is just against themselves.  Look at all the races that are now the “in thing” to do in the summer; the warrior dash, the tough mudder, and even things like the colour run are inspiring people to try and push themselves beyond their limits, which is awesome! Even the more traditional events like; the triathlon, the marathon, the whole myriad of cycling events, and the 5km and 10km road races seem more popular now than they ever have.  For 95% of people who compete in these races it seems their focus isn’t to beat anyone really. They are out there to try and be the best that they can be personally, to beat their previous time; or maybe to find fitness again, or are searching for fitness for the first time.

What’s interesting to me is that people are willing to take time off work and pay sometimes huge entry fees to do these events when they could measure the route out and just do it themselves in allot of cases. People feel a need to do these things as an “event”. I’m not trying to imply that this is a negative thing, I’ve done this before too, I’ve ran the marathon, the half marathon and I try and do a few 10km events every year to keep myself honest or motivated or something…It definitely provides a reason to get off my lazy ass and go for a run or go to the gym, or order the salad instead of the fries when I’m out for dinner and maybe not drink so much beer…. The last two are horrible decisions that I try and make as infrequently as possible lol! I think fries, and beer are happiness incarnated :-)….. but thats a subject for another blog

Even here at the Destination Snow office we are holding ourselves more and more accountable.  Every Monday morning after our meeting we do a wall sit until failure, and then we all do as many pushups as we can do in a minute.  We then write those results down on a white board and try and beat them each week.  We have also been tracking our Grouse Grind performance, every time you do the grind you have to write your time on the white board.  It’s pretty hilarious and does provide focus… and allot of bragging rights if your time is the best, however ridiculous it may seem! I think Cam (The owner of DS) is in the lead right now with 49:43, I’m at 51:32, and Kristen(Who does sales and admin here as DS) is hot on my heals at just over 52:31….If I eat anymore fries or drink any more beer she’s going to take me down I can feel it LOL! damn her hahaha

Maybe we’ll have weekly weigh ins next, who knows LOL

Or maybe Cam  will spring for a personal trainer to come in and give everyone a fitness test and check their body fat percentage once a month………I don’t think that’s in the budget though! And that may be a little invasive for new staff LOL…… I digress

Whether it’s against yourself or against others I think competition is a wonderful thing. We need tests in life; I wouldn’t have learned a thing in University if it wasn’t for the ever demoralizing fear of being destroyed by a midterm or final if I didn’t study my butt off…..and I got destroyed by a few midterms and finals in my University days….. but that’s a subject for another blog….

All these new events provide focus for people, they provide a challenge to overcome and I think that is awesome! In this age of smart phones, video games, and processed everything it’s nice to see that people can get motivated by the thousands to go outside and work their butts off for fun :-)


Dan McArthur for Destination Snow