Oh my goodness people!! I have been spending this week cleaning up the storage room here at Destination Snow and sooo many people have left things behind while being on our bus tours!! The lost and found bin is literally overflowing! There is even a black leather Guess jacket! Like it’s kind of ridiculous how much stuff has just been sitting in that box. I’m not even sure how long any of that stuff has been in there for!¬† Not sure how much longer we will hold onto everything but it’s a good thing Value Village is around the corner. I feel kind of bad thinking about donating peoples belongings but I’m surprised nobody has come looking for any of it! There is even a pair of snowboard boots! It should be common sense to call the company of which you did a tour with to find out if your missing item might be with them still or maybe that’s just how I would handle the situation. If anyone reading this has been on one of our bus tours and lost something I can assure you it is probably in our lost and found bin so come and get it before it¬†disappears forever!