Well its official (at least from what I hear), Winter is finally over. Thank goodness. I was kind of over the cold weather. I recently just moved back from living in Auckland, NZ for a year of my life and I arrived during the worst summer NZ has experienced in a long time and then it quickly turned to fall then winter so I have been in cold weather for practically 9 months. You can imagine how excited I am to finally enjoy a nice hot summer, especially a BC summer. I’m looking forward to days at the lake, camping on weekends and of course getting a chance to experience all the summer packages Destination Tours has to offer. While spending time in NZ, the friend I was living with has a mom who was quite the wine connoisseur so I was constantly given different whites to taste ranging from Chardonnay, Pinots Gris ( my personal favorite ) and Sauvignon which were all very tasty. She made me into a big wine lover so I can’t wait to go up to the Okanagan for an amazing day of wine tastings. With so many wineries to experience, the real challenge is picking between accommodations. I really want to give the Penticton Lakeside Resort a try as its right on the lake and what’s better then waking up, looking out your window and seeing a beautiful lake with the warm summer sun beaming down?

Of course don’t forget the Whistler getaways. They may say it’s a ladies getaways but boys are more than welcome. The adventure package which is under the name “I broke a *!@#$%^ nail in Whistler” looks extremely fun if you’re the type of person who loves a day experiencing the great outdoors. I would probably choose to do the ATV as my choice of adventure but that’s simply because I love driving ATV’s and it would be amazing to have the chance to ride around Whistlers back country. It would be pretty cool to see a bear!! The rafting would be fun as well! My one concern would be falling in the water as I am the world’s biggest baby when it comes to cold water.

I hope everyone enjoys their week and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about all the amazing packages Destination Tours has to offer!