There have been so many people calling in and booking wine tours and stagette packages! I must say I’M JEALOUS! After all, I could book myself and some friends in for one of these amazing packages but then who would be here to take all the upcoming bookings?!

Who knows what this summer will bring weather wise, although right now spring is looking a lot more rainy then usual so maybe just maybe summer will be gorgeous, warm and each day will have clear blue skies! Does anyone else feel completely exhausted from all this dreary, depressing weather? It may be a mix of that and the time change but boy oh boy I am sleepy!

I look at the summer packages Destination Tours offers on a daily basis and I must admit each hotel looks a-maz-ing. Nice plush, comfortable looking beds, amazing views and amenities. Whats better then spending all day having a blast with your friends, sipping all sorts of wine and then getting a ride back to your hotel and crashing in your nice big bed? That sounds like a little slice of heaven if you ask me. The only thing that would make this all 10x better is good weather so here is everyone’s homework assignment for the day. Cross every finger and every toe that the weather this summer will be the best weather BC has had ever.

If you want to be one of the lucky ones and enjoy an amazing wine tour, weekend up in whistler or if your the type of person who likes a good scare/history lesson make sure to check out for all our summer packages and getaways!!