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Don’t forget to call us if you have lost something on one of our tours!

It’s that moment…when you arrive home and unpack, get into your comfy clothes then realize..wait a minute I only have one snowboard boot! Now I know I boarded with both…where did it disappear too?

Lost and found at Destination Snow

Lost and found at Destination Snow

This is the moment you should be looking up our office number.  Our guides are trained to bring everything that is not claimed back to the office.

We then (while holding our breath…your boots are stinky!!) place everything in our lost & found and wait for the phone calls to come in…and wait ….and wait.

So if you are missing your sweater or Boys 2 Men back pack (we don’t judge!) give us a call.  It will most likely wind up in the lost and found here in our office.

Number to call: (604) 532-1088

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